Ring a Ding Ding at Bilk

Ring a ding ding is now on at bilk gallery in canberra, I have a couple of rings in the show and there are many other great things there. Here is an image of my rings

Made from 9ct yellow gold and sapphire. 

Made from 9ct yellow gold and sapphire. 

Make a patternated ring workshop pics

Here are some snaps I took during the patternated ring making workshop we did at Northcity4 as part of craftcubed. Everybody went home with a patternated ring and had a great time! 

Hot Stuff Jewellery

Hot stuff is a piece of jewellery that can also can keep a person warm using a chemical reaction, akin to a wearable heat pillow. It is made from a plastic hose, aluminium, Delrin, 925 silver, stainless steel, 9ct yellow gold and sodium acetate.  

To keep a person warm an exothermic reaction is set off in the piece of jewellery. The reaction keeps on going for 10-20 minutes and warms the wearer for that long. Once the reaction is complete the jewellery can be "re-set" by boiling in water for 5-10 minutes.

 As well as keeping a person warm the reaction also changes the jewellery from being transparent to contain white crystals giving the piece a new look. This also changes back to clear when boiled. 

A video of the reaction is coming soon, until then enjoy these pictures

Patterned Rings

I will be doing a workshop where I will be making patterned rings with students, like these. They are made from silver, then blackened and have a pattern roller printed on to them. Watch this space for dated and times

Making cube earrings

These images are the start of making cube some cube earrings. They are a constructed hollow shape that is silver soldered together.

Making highlight studs

This is first in what I plan to be a series of posts about the steps of making in photographs.

This first in the series is this one of me making some Highlight studs.

The cube studs are constructed from silver and gold. The silver cubes are first cut out out from stock and the gold is soldered into place on the edge. They are then cleaned up using files and emery paper. The post is then silver soldered into place and the stud back is made. Finally it is all cleaned up. Simple.

The photos start at the finished object and work their way back in time.

Teapot making

So, for the past few months I have been making a teapot based on the highlight series of jewellery design. The teapot is made from stainless steel, copper, nickel and has a little wooden handle on the lid.

I have had the general design for this shape of teapot for a long time, but I haven’t found the right concept to fit it under. Recently, I made and designed a range of jewellery called “highlights”, I then married the two ideas from object and jewellery together to create the final design for the teapot.

Making the teapot has taken much longer than anticipated, as it is with most things hand made but the end result is almost always worth it as this time.

While making the teapot I took a few pictures of the making process, so for those curious folk out there have a look at the pictures.

New ring style

This ring is the first finished piece of jewellery from a new style I have been experimenting with. Projection I is made from 325 yellow gold and has a single diamond. If you look at earlier posts you can see some of the development of the design and some of the other ideas in the Projection series. 

A few new images in the gallery

Here are some new images of some work.

The rings were first made in Lego, then sandcast in silver. They were then cleaned up and parts such as the inside where the finger goes were polished for comfort. The new addition has been the attachment of lego bricks to bring some colour to the pieces and make them more playful.

Making a new series of rings

I am currently working on a new series of rings, below are some of the pictures of the rings. They are fabricated from thick round wire that I have drawn down to be specific sizes. There are going to be rings that work individually and also rings that are stackable. Hopefully they will be ready for people to go try on soon also more pictures will be appearing here. 

Sandcasting demonstration at Northcity4 openday

On the weekend, Northcity4 had an open day and I did a sandcasting demonstration. I cast a silver  square ring, including packing the mould and casting the metal into the mould. I hope all the people there enjoyed the demonstration and possibly even learnt something useful. Sometime soon I should be able to put up a small video of the demonstration.