Interesting PINs Gallery

Pins make their way into our lives in many ways. As jewellery they are often worn to represent an ideal or idea. Flag pins, Olympic pins, commemoration pins are all common symbols worn to express an idea. But a pin can be found almost anywhere. Maybe you are baking using a rolling pin? Pinning up a poster at work? Using a safety pin to stop a split seam? Solving a murder using a mapping pin? Going ten pin bowling? Pinning your ears back and get some work done only to find you now have pins and needles from sitting down too long? Or maybe some violence is in order and pulling the pin and throwing a grenade out the window is a good idea. Whatever is happening, some kind of pin is probably involved. Interesting Pins is an exhibition that celebrates the humble pin in all its forms by pinning pins of pins that are pins on Pinterest.

Go and see the Interesting PINs window show. 183 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City. Monday 9th September to Saturday the 14th September 2019